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EIDE components are designed to accomplish the needs of applications in different industrial sectors, including those with strict regulations that require particular characteristics or certificates, such as construction. 

Customer service, extensive technical knowledge, as well as production flexibility allow us to provide a personalized technical response for each customer.

EIDE manufactures clutches and brakes for the packaging industry. All packaging machines perform automated and repetitive processes where our clutches and brakes can be applied to

EIDE offers mechanical transmission elements for graphic arts machinery. Industrial printing machines have clutches and brakes to transmit or stop motion at various stages of the p

Test bench are primarily used to corroborate scientific theories, check items, and other technology. A test bench is a platform used for experimentation on projects in development.

The steel industry is a sector in continuous expansion since steel is the main raw material for many applications. There are a multitude of steels depending on their use: self-hard

High-speed doors are becoming more common in companies and public establishments where it is necessary to divide air-conditioned work areas with the transit of people and vehicles.

The stage industry uses lifting and hooking means that can be fixed, mobile or temporary. Its function is to support light, sound, decorations, curtains or even machinery elements.

The product conveyor is an element that is increasingly present in multiple industries, from small companies to megafactories. There are different types of conveyors depending on t

Cleaning vehicles are used more and more every day, both in large cities and in small towns or villages. These vehicles have sweepers, sidewalk cleaners, irrigation and flushing ta

Industrial robots can be stationary or mobile. They can be programmed to be able to move parts or products at different heights. An industrial robot is a multifunctional manipulato

Renewable energies are clean and inexhaustible energy sources. They differ from fossil fuels mainly in their diversity, abundance and potential for use and, above all, in that they

The textile sector aims to create threads and fabrics that will later be used to make a great variety of products (clothing, home textiles, automotive, etc.) For the processing of

The cable industry is a continuously expanding sector as cable is used in many applications. Cables can be found in many locations, such as offices, factories, buildings, structure

The machine tool is used to shape parts, mainly metal parts. It is characterised by being a static machine. The machine tool is divided into different sectors: Conventional: Lathes

Extruders are used in a wide variety of industries to create all kinds of products, such as plastics, pellets or dry powder… Extrusion involves heating a material, typically

The aerospace industry includes both the aeronautical, which is dedicated to the construction of aircraft by private companies, and the space industry, which is dedicated to the co

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