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EC-80 Centrifugal Brake

EC-80 centrifugal brake: 2600 RPM

EC centrifugal brake innovation

Greater safety starting at 2600 RPM.

Technological advances never cease to amaze us, and in the world of industrial safety, this is no exception.

The EC-80 centrifugal brake is an efficient and reliable solution to ensure safety in critical applications, as cranes, industrial lifts y forklift.

Exceeded rated speed

One of the highlights of this new centrifugal is its ability to exceed nominal speed standards.

With an impressive starting braking speed of 2600 RPM, the EC-80 marks a milestone in load-lifting safety.

How it works

The ingenious principle behind this brake is based on centrifugal force.

As the rotational speed increases, the masses equipped with friction material overcome the resistance of the retaining springs and come into contact with the static drum.

This balance between centrifugal force and weight keeps the speed constant throughout the entire stroke, without the need for an external power supply.

Versatility and safety

This centrifugal brake is compatible with motors IEC B5 300 with a 38 mm shaft, this makes it easy to install in a variety of industrial applications.

In case of failure of the motorisation or the engine brake, the EC-80 is automatically activated to ensure a safe lowering of cargo, providing an additional layer of security.

Applications in various sectors

The EC centrifugal brake is applied in a wide range of applications criticisms, from cranes to industrial lifts y wind towers.

Industrial security never stops evolving, and the EC-80 centrifugal brake is an example of how technology can raise safety standards in industrial environments.

With its ability to exceed rated speed and its mounting versatility, this innovation promises to revolutionise the way we ensure safety in lifting applications.

Efficiency and security guaranteed

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