Electromagnetic clutch

Electromagnetic clutches

Industrial electromagnetic clutches boost efficiency and safety in the manufacturing sector!

Electromagnetic clutches are an engineering solution designed to enhance power transmission in industrial machines and systems. Unlike conventional mechanical clutches that require manual operation, electromagnetic clutches enable process automation, leading to increased operation speed and productivity on production lines.

The most notable features of this technology are:

  • Energy efficiency: Electromagnetic clutches operate efficiently, resulting in lower energy consumption. This allows companies to reduce their carbon footprint and save on operational costs.
  • Precise control: Electromagnetic clutches enable precise initiation or cessation of motion at the right moment. This translates to greater flexibility and adaptability in the manufacturing process.
  • Long service life: These clutches have an extensive service life, providing long-lasting durability.
  • Reduced maintenance: Maintenance for electromagnetic clutches is only adjusting the air gap, a quick and easy operation.
Torque (Nm)1,5 – 7007,5 – 45040 – 400100 – 80007,5 – 1207,5 – 120
WorkDryDryDry / OilDry / OilDryDry
ConnectionStandstill / MovementStandstill / MovementStandstillStandstillStandstill / MovementStandstill / Movement

Industry experts have already commend this technology for its potential to revolutionize the manufacturing sector.

Industrial electromagnetic clutches represent an exciting leap forward in industrial engineering, offering a unique combination of efficiency, safety, and durability that is set to transform manufacturing sector worldwide.

Industrial Electromagnetic Clutches

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