Fast excitation rectifier

The solution for fast and controlled release on spring brakes

A fast excitation rectifier is a type of rectifier used to drive electromagnetic spring brakes, its function is to convert alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC).

Its main feature is that it provides a higher DC voltage for a few milliseconds and then drops to the nominal voltage of the brake.

The fast drive rectifier provides an output voltage of approximately 90% of the input voltage for a few seconds, before switching to a lower output voltage of 45% of the input voltage.

In an electromagnetic brake, the magnetic field generated by an electromagnet is used to release a rotating shaft.

In electromagnetic spring brakes, the springs are responsible for applying the braking force.

This type of rectifier can be used to control the electrical current that is supplied to the electromagnet or the spring brake.

Initially it provides high electrical current to have more attractive force and release the brake.

Then, after a certain period of time, the rectifier switches to a lower output voltage, which reduces electrical consumption.

By allowing rapid release, these rectifiers can reduce wear on mechanical parts and improve safety in the workplace.

Fast excitation rectifiers are an effective solution to improve efficiency and extend the life of machinery and equipment that use spring brakes.

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