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FPC-6000 Security Brake

FPC-6000 Safety Brake

Discover the FPC-6000 safety brake capable of stopping the heaviest loads in the industry.

At EIDE, we are proud of our safety brakes, and especially the FPC-6000 safety brake.

This system is designed to cover industrial applications that require a reliable safety device on loads over 9000 kg.

What is the Safety Brake?

This safety system is a mechanical device designed to prevent accidental falls on a wide variety of machinery, from rack and pinion powered hoists to heavy cranes, gondolas and machine tools among others. Its main function is to act as an emergency parachute that automatically activates in the event of machinery overspeed.

Outstanding Technical Characteristics:

  • Loads over 9000 kg: This brake is designed to tackle heavy loads with total confidence.
  • Maximum speed of over 120 m/min: Provides effective control in high speed applications.
  • Progressive centrifugal brake: No trigger required, ensuring reliable performance.
  • Automatic reset: Brake returns to operation without the need for manual intervention.
  • Easy accessibility to the micro switch: Simple and quick maintenance.
  • Possibility of construction with a double output shaft: Ideal for double mast lifts.
  • Possibility of bi-directional braking: Greater versatility in applications.
  • TÜV Certification and CE Certificate: Complies with the most demanding safety regulations.

At EIDE, safety is our priority, and the FPC-6000 safety brake demonstrates our commitment to excellence in industrial protection. Trust us to provide you with high quality safety solutions and guaranteed performance.

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