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Safety brake for elevators

FPC-6000 Security Brake

Introducing FPC-6000 security brake with up to 9000 kg maximum load.

FPC security brakes prevent accidental falls in all types of lifting devices (pinion-rack, drum-wire, etc).

The system only operates when the descent rate exceeds a predetermined value. The braking starts immediately when the speed is surpassed, immobilizing the platform.


FPC-6000 features:

  • Maximum load: Up to 9000 kg.
  • Maximum speed: More than 120 m/min.
  • Centrifugal progressive interlock without trigger.
  • Automatic reset. The brake returns to its operative without need of any manipulation.
  • Micro switch easily accessible.
  • Different constructions including a double exit axis for double-mast boom lifts.
  • Bidirectional.
  • TÜV certificate complies with directives EN 12158, EN 12159 & EN 1495.
  • CE EN-81-7 certificate.

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