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Motors and Gearboxes

Motors and gearboxes

Motors and Gearboxes

A motor is the device capable of transforming electrical energy or fossil fuels into mechanical energy that is capable of doing work.

A gearbox is the mechanism whose function is to reduce the speed of the motor to the final speed that the application needs.

When motors and gearboxes are combined with each other, what we understand as a gear-motor is formed, an element that reduces the speed of the motor and increases the torque provided. They are joined to form a single piece and are used in many applications.

At EIDE we manufacture clutch-brake groups where the most common assembly is to insert it between the motor and gearbox and thus carry out start-stop manoeuvres without the need to stop the motor at any time.

The EC centrifugal brake is intended to be mounted on machines that, due to suspended loads, can accelerate uncontrollably. Its most common assembly is between the motor and the reducer.

A clutch can also be mounted at the reducer output and thus control the transmission cycles directly on the application.

The following are the products we have that can be applied in this sector.

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