Brushes and Brush Holders

Brushes and Brush Holders

Carbon brushes and carbon brush holders, are not only mechanical components, but vital links that enable the electrical connection essential for the efficient operation of electric motors and electromagnetic clutches.

Their distinctive physical properties ensure reliable and durable performance in a variety of industrial applications.



What are brushes and brush holders?


Brushes and brush holders is an innovative compact unit that combines clutch and release functions using air pressure.

This device is essential for transmitting the torque between the conductive and driven parts in various industrial applications.

Importance of carbon brushes and brush holders in electromagnetic motors and clutches

Carbon brushes and brush holders are essential components in the efficient operation of electric motors and electromagnetic clutches.

These parts play a crucial role in establishing the electrical connection between the fixed and rotating parts of these devices, ensuring optimum performance.

Vital role of brush holders in system stability

The brush holders are essential elements that provide security and stability to the carbon brushes.

Their design and strategic position ensure a firm and secure electrical contact between moving and static parts, thus contributing to the efficiency and durability of the system.

Clutch brushes: Ensuring the electrical contact

Clutch brushes play a crucial role in applying the necessary pressure on the collectors or slip rings.

This pressure ensures proper electrical contact, allowing the flow of electricity necessary for the precise operation of electromagnetic motors and clutches.

Outstanding physical properties of carbon brushes

Among the outstanding physical properties of carbon brushes are their excellent electrical conductivity, high temperature resistance, mechanical strength and wear resistance.

These features ensure reliable performance even under adverse conditions, prolonging the life of the system.

Conductivity and resistance: Keys to brush properties

The ability of carbon brushes to conduct electricity efficiently is crucial to the optimal performance of motors and clutches.

In addition, their resistance to elevated temperatures ensures that they can operate in demanding environments without compromising their structural integrity.

Durability and minimal wear and tear: Guaranteed long service life

The mechanical strength of carbon brushes contributes to their durability, withstanding the stresses and strains inherent in the operation of motors and clutches.

Their ability to withstand harsh conditions means minimal wear and tear, ensuring long life and consistent performance.


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Highlights of the brushes and brush holders


  • Scissor brush holder: Scissor brush holders are usually two “arms” but single “arm” styles are also available. This type of brush holder is largely used on motors or machines that have slip rings. The main advantage is that there are two points where the electrical connection is made. The EIDE brush holder type A-1 falls into this category..
  • Spark plug brush holder: Spark plug brush holders, so called because of their resemblance to a spark plug in a petrol engine, are common in clutches. Both the brush holders are made of brass and their base or insulating coating. The EIDE spark plug brush holder is part of this category, but we can also offer the carbon brush, for dry work, or the metal brush, for work in oil.
  • 1 box brush holder: The 1 box brush holders hold a single brush. They come in a variety of styles. The EIDE type E brush holder is part of this category.
  • 2 box brush holder: They are characterised by the fact that they have several boxes, which means that they hold more than one carbon brush. Usually, this type of brush holder has a spiral type squeezer as a compression mechanism. The EIDE T-type brush holder belongs to this category.


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