Custom Pneumatic Tooth Clutch NE/CD

Custom Pneumatic Tooth Clutch NE/CD

The Custom Pneumatic Tooth Clutch NE/CD es una versión específica para ser montado sobre un eje de gran sección y transmitir hacia un disco de cadena.



The Custom Pneumatic Tooth Clutch NE/CD it is a specific version to be mounted on a large section shaft and transmit to a chain disc.

This clutch is very compact for its torque transmission capacity.

When pressurized air is applied, it transmits the movement and disengages when pressure is no longer applied thanks to the springs that release the toothed discs.

Being a toothed clutch, it can transmit more torque than an NE pneumatic clutch of the same size and also, depending on the toothing arrangement, the clutch can maintain synchronism between the driving and driven parts. The one entry per turn (360º) design is the most common.

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We can find some of its main features below:

  • Large pairs in reduced dimensions.
  • self-supporting.
  • Possibility of synchronism.
  • Possibility stop/start detector.


The Custom Pneumatic Tooth Clutch NE/CD can be used for different types of machinery such as:

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