DBQ Centrifugal Brake

DBQ Centrifugal Brake

The DBQ centrifugal brake, is a safety brake used to prevent uncontrolled falls in cranes, industrial lifts or any type of structure that lifts a load and has a safety brake mounted on it. The FPC safety brake.

Its main feature, unlike the EC centrifugal brake, is that can be disabled at will in a quick and easy way.



What is the DBQ centrifugal brake?

The DBQ centrifugal brake, addresses the need to install a centrifugal brake and a safety brake on the same lift.

They operate by centrifugal force, without additional external power supply, which makes them suitable for security applications..

Operation without external power supply

The centrifugal brake DBQ operates by centrifugal force, eliminating the need for external power supply. This makes it an ideal choice for security applications.

Designed for normative speeds

The DBQ brake is designed for easy mounting between motor and gearbox, with IEC B5 standard flanges, suitable for speeds of 1500 rpm or 1800 rpm.

The centrifugal brake operates at 10-20% above nominal speed and the FPC safety brake between 30% and 50%, this makes it impossible to perform parachute brake tests if there is also a centrifugal brake installed on the hoist.

Quick and easy deactivation

Its outstanding feature is the possibility of disable quickly and easily through a specific mechanism.

Maximum security and versatility

Mounting a centrifugal brake DBQ together with a FPC safety brake in an elevator provides an exceptional level of safety.

In addition, the ability to test both brakes without the need to dismantle any components offers efficiencies unique in the industry.

Detailed operation of the centrifugal brake DBQ

Motor and brake rotate at higher rated speed with brake on. If for any reason the brake speed exceeds the nominal speed, the masses overcome the force of the springs and rub against the inner wall of the stationary drum, causing brake friction.

Motor and brake run above rated speed with brake disabled. When a safety brake test is desired, the centrifugal brake is disabled so that the masses do not exert any braking force, thus the brake behaves as a passive element and allows the speed to increase sufficiently for the safety brake to come into operation.


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Highlights of the DBQ centrifugal brake


  • Deactivation at will: One of the main advantages of the DBQ centrifugal brake is its ability to be disabled at will. This feature provides flexibility and control over its operation, which is essential in safety applications.
  • Individual or self-supporting group: The DBQ centrifugal brake is designed to accommodate a variety of configurations. It can be installed as a single unit or as part of a self-supporting structure, making it easy to integrate into a variety of systems.
  • Flanges and standardised shafts: The DBQ conforms seamlessly to industry standards, with standardised flanges and shafts. This simplifies installation and replacement, ensuring seamless compatibility with other system components.
  • High protection: Safety is a priority in lifting and conveying applications. The DBQ centrifugal brake offers high protection, which means it is designed to work reliably and effectively even under demanding conditions, ensuring maximum safety at all times.


The DBQ centrifugal brake can be used for different types of machinery such as:


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