Direct current industrial electromagnets

Direct current industrial electromagnets

Direct current industrial electromagnets are components that transform electrical energy into mechanical energy, unlike a permanent magnet we can make this piece act as a magnet depending on whether or not we apply electricity to the electromagnet.



The types of magnets that we can find in the industry differ in the functions performed by the electromagnets and are basically three:

Maneuvering electromagnets performing a linear movement on the central axis of the electromagnet, being able to operate any mechanical element of the machine.

Clamping electromagnets are devices that, when active, perform great power of magnetization with metallic materials, having infinite utilities in the industry either by positioning metallic parts, temporarily fixing metallic parts, scrap cranes, etc.

Electromagnetic locks are, as their name indicates, locks that are activated electrically, facilitating the automation of security processes such as presses or machines to interlock components in order to avoid accidents and optimize processes.

Special units of direct current industrial electromagnets for any assembly and application.

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We can find some of its main features below:

  • Standard voltage 24 V.DC
  • Custom manufacturing.


The Direct current industrial electromagnets can be used for different types of machinery, such as:


We can find the technical sheet through the following downloads:

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Special Units

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