EFE electromagnetic clutch-brake

EFE electromagnetic clutch-brake

The EFE electromagnetic clutch-brake is the ideal solution for cantilever axis control, thanks to its compact design, fast response and prevention of unwanted turns.

Its self-supporting construction makes it easy to install and maintain, making it a smart choice for a variety of applications.



What is the EFE electromagnetic clutch-brake?


The EFE electromagnetic clutch-brake is a versatile and compact drive solution that stands out for its fast response and ease of installation.

In this article, we will explore the advantages of this device, designed for cantilever axis control, and how its unique construction makes it ideal for preventing unwanted turns and positioning axes accurately.

Advantages of the EFE electromagnetic clutch-brake

The EFE electromagnetic clutch-brake is a compact and slim unit that offers several significant advantages.

Its unique construction, with an electromagnetic unit serving as a support, guarantees a safe and fast response.

The short length of this device allows it to be installed at the end of cantilevered shafts, which simplifies drive control and makes it easy to service.

The main advantage of the EFE is its ability to prevent unwanted rotation due to inertia and allow precise positioning of the output shaft, making it an ideal choice for a variety of applications.

Self-supporting and compact design

The EFE clutch-brake is distinguished by its self-supporting design, where the electromagnetic unit forms a compact and robust unit.

This feature simplifies installation and avoids the need for additional support structures.

Its compact design saves space and allows it to be positioned in tight spaces.

In addition, being a single dry-running service version minimises complexity and optimises reliability.

Easy installation and maintenance

The ease of installation and service of the EFE is a highlight. Its compact, self-supporting design simplifies installation without the need for additional structures.

In addition, having a single dry-running service version reduces maintenance complexity. This makes it a cost-effective and efficient choice for those looking for a reliable and fast-responding axis control.


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Highlights of the EFE electromagnetic clutch-brake


  • Compact clutch-brake unit: The compact design of the electromagnetic unit as the basis of the EFE ensures a solid and robust unit, making it easy to install without requiring additional structures. This robust construction optimises space and allows placement in small areas.
  • Ease of assembly: With an intuitive, self-supporting design, the EFE offers simple installation. Its compact structure eliminates the need for complex mounting configurations, streamlining the installation and commissioning process.
  • Small dimensions: The compact dimensions of the EFE clutch-brake are ideal for applications where space is limited. Its slim design and ability to be installed at the end of cantilever axles make it an optimal solution for environments where every centimetre counts.
  • High connection rate: The EFE’s ability to make connections at a high cadence highlights its efficiency in environments where fast and precise control is required. This feature makes it suitable for applications that demand agile and continuous responses.


The EFE electromagnetic clutch-brake can be used for different types of machinery, such as:


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