Elastic coupling Nil Union model 1

Elastic coupling Nil Union model 1


The elastic coupling Nil-Union Model 1, is the optimal choice for improving the efficiency of industrial machinery subjected to demanding conditions.

Its ability to cope with misalignment, combined with durability and versatility of application, makes it an essential component for maximising performance and minimising unwanted vibration in your operation.


What is the Elastic coupling Nil Union model 1?


The elastic coupling Nil-Union Model 1 is a mechanical component designed to connect two shafts allowing some flexibility to compensate for misalignments, absorb vibrations and provide overload protection.

These couplings are commonly used in power transmission systems, such as those involving gearboxes, motors and industrial machinery.

Resistance to misalignment

The coupling is designed to cope with shaft-to-shaft misalignment, considered the second most common source of vibration after unbalance. Whether it is parallel misalignment, angular misalignment or a combination of both, the Model 1 offers an effective solution..

Metal sprockets and Nylon sprocket sets

The combination of metal sprockets and nylon sprockets provides exceptional durability. The nylon used in the sprockets prevents wear on the contact surface, offering outstanding vibration absorption power and mechanical strength.

Versatility of application

This coupling is not only ideal for gearbox input and output, but can also be used in torque limiters, clutches, brakes and any application requiring the assembly of two shafts in alignment.

Parallel or radial misalignment

Identified by parallel but separate shaft centrelines. The Nil-Union Model 1 coupling addresses this deviation to prevent operational problems.

Angular or axial misalignment

The angular deviation, evident from the angle between the centre lines, is effectively handled by the ability of the coupling to adjust to variations in the spatial plane.

Combined misalignment

The most common situation, characterised by simultaneous parallel and angular deflections, finds a suitable solution in Model 1.


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Highlights of the Elastic coupling Nil Union model 1


  • High vibration absorption: The Nil-Union Model 1 elastic coupling stands out for its ability to effectively absorb vibrations. This feature is crucial in industrial environments where vibrations can adversely affect the performance and service life of mechanical components.
  • High mechanical strength: The construction of the coupling, which includes metal pinions and nylon girth gears, contributes to its high mechanical strength. This property is essential to ensure the durability and structural integrity of the coupling, especially in applications involving heavy loads and demanding working conditions..
  • Cost-effective solution: Consideration of this coupling as an “economic solution” suggests that it offers significant benefits relative to its cost. Its design and materials could be optimised to provide reliable performance at a reasonable cost, which is crucial for companies seeking economic efficiency in their operations.
  • Maintenance-free: The “maintenance-free” feature indicates that the Nil-Union Model 1 Elastic Coupling can operate effectively without requiring regular maintenance. This property can be valuable in reducing operating costs and downtime associated with preventive maintenance.


The Nil-Union Elastic Coupling Model 1 can be used for different types of machinery such as:


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