Nil-Union elastic coupling Model S and LS

Nil-Union elastic coupling Model S and LS


Nil-Union elastic coupling model S and LS, offers specific solutions to common challenges in industrial environments.

From misalignment correction to adaptability in various applications, these couplings are positioned as an essential tool for optimising the performance of machinery and electric motors.

With their ability to address misalignment, they contribute to the efficiency and longevity of industrial systems.


What is the Nil-Union elastic coupling Model S and LS?


The Nil-Union elastic coupling Model S and LS are devices designed to address common challenges in industrial environments, specifically those related to misalignment between receiving machinery and electric motors.

Misalignment between shafts is a frequent cause of vibration in industrial systems, being the second most common source after unbalance.

Optimising performance with Nil-Union Elastic Couplings

In the industrial world, precise alignment between receiving machinery and electric motors is essential to avoid problems such as vibration and unbalance.

Nil-Union elastic couplings stand out, offering specific solutions to address alignment challenges. Among these, the S and LS models stand out as protagonists, differentiated by their crown length.

Alignment challenges: Beyond imbalance

When we dive into the universe of industrial machinery, misalignment between shafts emerges as the second most common source of vibrations, after unbalance. This is where Nil-Union Elastic Couplings shine by providing specific solutions to this problem.

Model S vs. Model LS: the difference in crown length

One of the distinguishing features between the Nil-Union flexible coupling type S and LS of the Nil-Union flexible couplings is the length of the crown.

The LS model stands out as it has a longer crown compared to its counterpart, el modelo S. This difference allows for the mounting of the coupling pinion on top of the shaft, providing flexibility in various machine configurations.

Versatility in applications: beyond engine alignment

These couplings are not only limited to solving alignment problems between electric motors and host machinery. Their versatility extends to applications that require the assembly of two aligned shafts, such as torque limiters, clutches and brakes.

Their intelligent design and ability to adapt to various configurations make them an ideal choice for demanding industrial environments.

Types of Misalignment: Understanding the Variants

To effectively address misalignment challenges, it is crucial to understand the different ways in which misalignment can manifest itself.

Parallel or radial misalignment, angular or axial misalignment, and combined misalignment are the three possible presentations.

The Nil-Union Elastic Coupling stands as a comprehensive solution, effectively addressing these variations.


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Highlights of the Nil-Union flexible coupling Model S and LS


  • High vibration absorption: One of the most outstanding attributes of Nil-Union Flexible Couplings is their exceptional ability to absorb vibration. In environments where vibrations can be detrimental to machinery and overall performance, these couplings act as shock absorbers, ensuring smoother and more stable operation.
  • Economic: Efficiency does not have to compromise on budget. Nil-Union Flexible Couplings stand out as a cost-effective option without sacrificing quality. Their intelligent design and high-strength materials offer a cost-effective solution to address misalignment and vibration challenges, contributing to the long-term profitability of industrial systems.
  • Rugged and quiet: The robust strength of Nil-Union flexible couplings ensures exceptional durability. Withstanding adverse conditions, these couplings are designed to withstand loads and stresses, guaranteeing consistent performance over time. In addition, their quiet operation creates a more comfortable and quiet working environment, enhancing the work experience.
  • They are maintenance-free: In the industrial world, time is a valuable resource. Nil-Union Elastic Couplings stand out for their maintenance-free design. By eliminating the need for frequent interventions, these couplings ensure continuous and efficient operation, reducing downtime and improving overall productivity.


The Nil-Union Elastic Couplings Models S and LS can be used for different types of machinery, such as:


We can find the technical sheet or the CAD files through the following downloads:

Nil-Unión Couplings

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