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Elastic coupling Nil Union models S/LS

Elastic coupling Nil Union models S/LS


The Nil-Union Models S and LS elastic couplings differ in the length of the crown. They are especially suitable for use between any receiving machine and an electric motor with misalignment. Shaft misalignment is considered the second most common source of vibration after unbalance.


The elastic coupling Nil Union models S/LS are made up of metal pinions and nylon crown. Thanks to the mechanical properties of the nylon used in these crowns, there is no wear on their contact surface, they have great power to absorb vibrations and high mechanical resistance.

Applicable to torque limiters, clutches, brakes and everything that requires assembly of two aligned shafts.

These deviations can be presented in three different ways:

  • Parallel or radial misalignment: occurs when the centerlines of the shafts are parallel apart.
  • Angular or axial misalignment: in this occasion the deviation is observed by the angle formed between the central lines in a plane in space.
  • Combined misalignment: This is the most common of the situations, and occurs exactly when there are both parallel and angular deviations in the same set of centerlines.
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We can find some of its main features below:

  • Great absorption of vibrations.
  • Economical.
  • Resistant and silent.
  • They do not require maintenance.


The Nil-Union Elastic Couplings Models S and LS can be used for different types of machinery, such as:


We can find the technical sheet or the CAD files through the following downloads:

Nil-Unión Couplings

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