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Electromagnetic Tooth Clutch – EZM

Electromagnetic Tooth Clutch – EZM

The EZM electromagnetic tooth clutch is the negative version of the EZN clutch. This clutch allows relatively high rotation speeds at the same time that it transmits a high torque for its dimensions.

This can be done through the facing teeth of the clutch discs.



Coupling in the absence of electricity must be carried out at standstill or at very low speed. The disconnection is carried out with electrical boost.

This clutch accepts large section shafts.

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Normally connected

  • Transmission of large torques in small dimensions.
  • Voltage of 207Vdc to disengage, voltage of 103Vdc to keep disengaged.
  • Teeth that can be connected while standing still or at very low speed.
  • Up to 4000 Nm


The EZM electromagnetic tooth clutch can be used for different types of machinery such as:

Special Units

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