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EN Toothed Pneumatic Clutch

EN Toothed Pneumatic Clutch

The EN toothed pneumatic clutch is a compact unit that has two air inlets for its control. Its operation is the same as that of a double-acting pneumatic piston.

The first input is directed towards the camera and is intended to engage, and the second is intended to disengage.



The EN toothed pneumatic clutch is a toothed pneumatic clutch, this means that the engagement is done at rest or at low speed, the disengagement can be done at any speed.

The cylinders of the actuating the EN toothed pneumatic clutch are supplied radially with compressed air at a nominal pressure of 5.5 bar.

Due to its mechanical characteristics, it allows large torques by using the Hirth toothing as a means of coupling.

Depending on the arrangement of the teeth, the clutch can be made positional, that is, it maintains synchronism between the driver and the driven.

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Here we explain some of the main characteristics of the product.

  • Large pairs in small dimensions.
  • Possibility of synchronism.
  • Possibility of stop / start detector.


The EN Toothed Pneumatic Clutch can be used for different types of machinery such as:


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