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EN Toothed Pneumatic Clutch

EN Toothed Pneumatic Clutch

The pneumatic toothed clutch EN, is a compact and versatile solution for power transmission in a variety of applications.

Their ability to maintain synchronism between driver and driven, combined with their ability to transmit high torque, makes them key components in industries where precision and reliability are paramount.



What is the EN toothed pneumatic clutch?


The EN toothed pneumatic clutch is a compact device designed to transmit power efficiently.

Their operation is similar to that of a double-acting pneumatic piston, making them versatile in a variety of applications. In this article, we will explore in detail how they work, their mechanical advantages and their possible applications.

Operation of pneumatic toothed clutch EN

These pneumatic clutches consist of two air inlets: one for clutch engagement and one for disengagement. The first inlet directs air into a chamber, which enables clutch engagement, while the second inlet is used for disengagement.

An interesting aspect is that the EN pneumatic toothed clutch can engage at idle or low speed, but disengage at any speed. This makes them extremely versatile in applications requiring precise control.

Compressed air supply

For operation, these clutches require radially supplied compressed air at a nominal pressure of 5.5 bar. This pressure is sufficient to ensure reliable and consistent operation in a variety of environments and applications.

Mechanical advantages of the pneumatic toothed clutch EN

One of the outstanding mechanical characteristics of these clutches is their ability to transmit high torques..

This is achieved through the use of Tooth Discs – Hirth Joint as a coupling medium. Hirth gearing is known for its ability to transmit force effectively and accurately, making it ideal for applications requiring high power and control.

EN Pneumatic toothed clutch applications

EN toothed air clutches find application in a wide range of industries. Due to their ability to maintain synchronism between the driver and driven, these clutches are ideal in situations where precise power transmission is required. Typical applications include:

  • Industrial machinery: In manufacturing and assembly equipment, where precise control of the clutch and clutch release is required, these devices ensure consistent performance.
  • Automotive: In transmission systems and gearboxes, where synchronisation is essential for smooth and efficient gear shifting.
  • Aerospace: In aerospace applications, such as flight control systems and landing mechanisms, where accuracy and reliability are crucial.
  • Energy: In generators and power equipment, where accurate power transmission is required to ensure uninterrupted operation.


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Highlights of the EN toothed pneumatic clutch


  • Big pairs in small dimensions: One of the most notable advantages of the EN pneumatic toothed clutch is its ability to transmit large torques in a compact package. This means that despite their relatively small size, these clutches are able to handle heavy loads and deliver robust performance. This feature is essential in applications where space is limited or high power density is required.
  • Possibility of synchronism: The EN pneumatic toothed clutch offers the possibility of maintaining synchronism between the driver and driven. This is crucial in applications where precise coordination is essential. Whether in industrial machinery, vehicle transmission systems or aerospace equipment, the ability to maintain synchronised operation ensures optimum and efficient performance.
  • Possibility of Stop/Start detector: Another outstanding feature of these clutches is their ability to incorporate a stop/start detector. This means that they can be equipped with sensors that can detect when the clutch is in operation (running) or stopped (stopped). This function is valuable in applications where it is necessary to monitor and control the clutch status accurately and remotely.


The EN toothed pneumatic clutch can be used for different types of machinery, such as:


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