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ENP Pneumatic Clutch

ENP Pneumatic Clutch

The ENP pneumatic clutch is a compact and robust pneumatic friction clutch. It transmits torque when air pressure is applied, using the adhesion effect that occurs between the friction material and the clutch discs, and disengages when pressure is no longer applied thanks to the springs that release the clutch discs.

The ENP pneumatich clutc features an integrated pulley and is specially designed to be mounted on trucks that drive pumps or vacuum pumps.



An ENP pneumatic clutch is the mechanism in charge of transmitting the motor torque of a vehicle to the pump or the depressor at will.

The ENP pneumatic clutch is a very compact unit with pneumatic clutch and release by spring reaction.

It is a sealed clutch, resistant to adverse operating conditions, such as the presence of water, dust, etc.

Each clutch size has its standard pulley, although if required, they can be manufactured with other pulley sizes.

The air supply is carried out by means of a rotary air intake at the nominal pressure of 5.5 bar.

The useful life of the clutch is very long since wear is minimal and maintenance is very simple.

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  • Extremely compact.
  • Specially designed for cleaning vehicles.
  • High protection.


El embrague neumático ENP se puede utilizar para diferentes tipos de maquinaria como por ejemplo:


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