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FDW Electromagnetic spring brake

FDW Electromagnetic spring brake

The FDW electromagnetic spring brake (IP66) is a spring-applied brake from the German firm Precima Magnettechnik.

It is a reliable and durable solution for applications that demand ruggedness and versatility in challenging environments. With its robust construction, IP66 protection, wide range of sizes and additional options, the FDW offers a complete solution for a wide range of demanding applications.

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What is the FDW electromagnetic spring brake?


The FDW electromagnetic spring brake (IP66) from Precima Magnettechnik is an exceptionally robust and versatile solution designed to cope with harsh environments.

Manufactured by the renowned German company Precima Magnettechnik, this FDW electromagnetic spring brake stands out for its durability and reliable performance.

IP66 protection for harsh environments

The FDW has an IP66 protection rating, which means it is fully encapsulated and sealed to resist the ingress of dust and high-pressure water jets. This makes it ideal for outdoor applications or in harsh environments where protection is essential.

Simple mounting with fixed air gap

El montaje del FDW es extremadamente sencillo gracias a su entrehierro fijo. Esto elimina la necesidad de ajustes complicados, lo que ahorra tiempo y facilita la instalación.

Specific design for hostile environments

This FDW electromagnetic brake has been specifically designed for outdoor applications or challenging environments. Its complete encapsulation and sealing effectively protects it against corrosion and other environmental factors.

Versatilidad en tamaños y aplicaciones

El freno FDX está disponible en tres tamaños diferentes para satisfacer una variedad de aplicaciones. Puede ser utilizado tanto para frenado estático, con un rango de entre 375 y 1500 Nm, como para frenado dinámico, con capacidades que varían entre 250 y 1000 Nm. Esta versatilidad permite a los usuarios seleccionar la opción que mejor se adapte a sus necesidades específicas.

Wide range of sizes and capacities

The FDW is available in an impressive range of ten different sizes, with capacities ranging from 5 to 600 Nm for static braking and up to 400 Nm for dynamic braking. This gives users the flexibility to tailor the brake to their specific needs.

Optional additional functions

For added versatility, the FDW can be customised with additional features, such as a manual brake release lever and micro switches to monitor operation and detect wear.

Versatile applications

YWhether in outdoor industrial applications or in marine environments, the FDW electromagnetic spring brake from Precima Magnettechnik is the ideal choice. Its robustness and IP66 protection guarantee long-lasting performance in the most demanding conditions.

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Highlights of the Electromagnetic Spring Brake FDW


  • Standard voltages: This product is designed to operate on a variety of standard voltages including 24 VDC, 48 VDC, 103 VDC, 180 VDC and 205 VDC. These standard voltages offer versatility and compatibility with a wide range of electrical applications.
  • Special voltages on request: In addition to the standard voltages mentioned above, this product has the ability to be configured with special voltages upon request. This allows for further customisation to specific power requirements, which can be essential in certain applications.
  • No fixed bearing or bearing on the brake side is required: The design of this product eliminates the need for a fixed bearing on the brake side. This simplifies the assembly and maintenance process, reducing complexity and associated costs.
  • IP54 degree of protection: The product complies with an IP54 degree of protection when mounted under the fan cover of electric motors. This means that it is protected against the ingress of dust in quantities that do not affect its operation and can withstand splashing water from any direction. The IP54 degree of protection is especially relevant in environments where protection against environmental factors such as dust and moisture is required.


The FDW electromagnetic Spring Brake can be used for different types of machinery, such as:


Here you will find detailed information about the assembly of this product.


  • Spring brake ready to be mounted: The spring brake is supplied fully assembled and ready for installation. This means that there is no need for complicated assembly or additional parts. The ease of assembly reduces installation time and minimises any disruption to operations.
  • Air gaps for FLC, FDW are fixed without adjustment: Air gaps refer to the specific distances between critical brake components such as brake shoes and drum. In the case of FLC and FDW brakes, these air gaps are fixed and do not require manual adjustment. This simplifies the assembly process, as there is no need to make precise adjustments to these components.
  • Air gap of FDB, FDD and FDR brakes preset at the factory: The air gap refers to the distance between the moving parts of the brake, such as the brake shoes and the brake drum. Before leaving the factory, FDB, FDD and FDR brakes have their air gap preset. This ensures that the brake is optimally configured for operation. In addition, it should be noted that these brakes can be subsequently adjusted without removing the brake from the engine. This feature facilitates adjustments or maintenance without significant interruptions in operation.


We can find the technical sheet through the following downloads:

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