FIP Electromagnetic Brake

FIP Electromagnetic Brake

The permanent magnet electromagnetic brake FIP, is an innovative technology that offers safe and precise braking thanks to the interaction between neodymium magnets and a neodymium coil.

Its versatility and ability to operate in the absence of DC power make it a solid choice in industrial and security applications.

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What is the permanent magnet electromagnetic brake FIP?


The permanent magnet electromagnetic brake is an ingenious device that uses neodymium magnets and a coil to provide safe and efficient braking in a variety of applications.

In this article, we will explore in detail how this system works and its advantages in terms of security and performance.

Operation of the permanent magnet electromagnetic brake FIP

The operation of the electromagnetic brake is based on the interaction between a neodymium permanent magnet and a coil.

When no current is applied to the coil, the magnets keep the brake in an active state, generating a strong magnetic field that slows down any movement. This feature makes it particularly suitable for safety applications.

The friction disk is mounted on the shaft to be braked and is essential for generating the necessary resistance to control the unwinding tension.

Activation and release of the brake

When 24 Vdc direct current is supplied to the coil, a magnetic field opposite to that generated by the neodymium magnets is created.

This opposing magnetic field cancels the attractive force of the armature disc, allowing the brake to be released and allowing the application to rotate freely.

This controlled activation and release makes the FIP brake a reliable option in applications where precise braking is required.

Advantages of the permanent magnet electromagnetic brake FIP

The electromagnetic brake offers several notable advantages.

Firstly, does not leave a residual torque upon release, which ensures a clean and precise operation. It also provides a safe stop, which is essential in applications where safety is a primary concern.

It can brake moving masses or loads, making it versatile in a variety of industrial environments.

Permanent magnet electromagnetic brake applications FIP

The electromagnetic brake is found in a wide range of applications.

From industrial machinery to conveyor systems, this brake is essential in situations where precise control and safe stopping is required. Its ability to operate without DC power makes it a logical choice in safety scenarios.

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Highlights of the electromagnetic permanent magnet brake FIP


  • Universal compatibility: This brake is compatible with most manufacturers, making it easy to integrate into a wide variety of systems and equipment.
  • Compact dimensions: Despite its power and capacity, the FIP electromagnetic brake is characterised by its small dimensions, which makes it suitable for applications where space is limited.
  • Outstanding versatility Versatility is one of the key qualities of this brake. It can be easily adapted to a wide range of applications, making it a flexible and efficient solution for a variety of industrial needs.


The FIP Electromagnetic Brake can be used for different types of machinery, such as:


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