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FIP Electromagnetic Brake

FIP Electromagnetic Brake

The FIP electromagnetic brake is a permanent magnet brake made up of the inductor, which consists of the neodymium permanent magnet, the coil and the friction material, and the armature assembly, made up of the armature disc itself with a membrane spring.

It is a brake that acts when no direct current is applied and is particularly suitable for safety applications.

It provides a safe stop and can stop moving masses or loads.



Thanks to the neodymium magnets that the the FIP electromagnetic brake incorporates, it remains braked by the magnetic field exerted by the magnets.

By supplying current to the coil (standard 24 Vdc), a magnetic field opposite to that exerted by the magnets is created, canceling the attraction force of the induced disk and thus, the brake is released, allowing the application to turn.

One of the advantages of the FIP electromagnetic brake is that it has no residual torque once it is released.

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  • Compatible with most manufacturers.
  • Small dimensions.
  • Very versatile, easily adapting to your applications.


The electromagnetic brake with permanent magnet FIP ​​can be used for different types of machinery, such as:


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