FNA Pneumatic brake

FNA Pneumatic brake

The FNA pneumatic brake is a smart choice for applications requiring positive braking on horizontal axes.

Su combinación de reliability, fast response, heat dissipation capability and wide braking torque range makes it a versatile and effective solution for a variety of industries and applications.



What is the FNA pneumatic brake?


The FNA Pneumatic Brake is a reliable and versatile device used in horizontal axis applications.

This positive brake is activated by air pressure and is ideal for precise positioning and safe stops.

Characteristics of the FNA pneumatic brake

The pneumatic brake is characterised by its reliability and ability to dissipate heat efficiently. Its fast response makes it an optimal choice for situations requiring reduced braking times.

When not applicable air pressure, the brake is automatically deactivated by integrated springs, allowing the application to move without resistance.

Braking torque range

The FNA family of air brakes offers a wide range of braking torque options, ranging from 12 Nm to 220 Nm. This variety allows the brake to be adapted to a variety of applications, from those requiring minimal torque to those needing more powerful braking.

Advantages in positioning and precise stops

One of the strengths of the FNA pneumatic brake is its ability to achieve accurate positioning. This makes it an ideal choice in applications where precision is critical, such as assembly machinery or indexing systems. In addition, its ability to reliably stop up to the wear limit ensures safe and consistent operation over time.

Durability and maintenance

The pneumatic brake FNA is known for its durability and low maintenance. Robust design and high quality materials ensure a long service life with minimal wear and tear. This reduces operating costs and increases the efficiency of the applications in which it is used.


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The FNA pneumatic brake can be used for different types of machinery, such as:


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