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FNB negative pneumatic brake

FNB negative pneumatic brake

The FNB negative pneumatic brake is a brake for work on horizontal or vertical axes, with a high degree of reliability, fast response speed and minimal residual torque.

Pneumatic brakes are a type of brake whose actuation is through compressed air and is mainly used in automated machinery.



The FNB negative pneumatic brake is a negative brake meaning that without air pressure it remains braked (by springs) and when applying air pressure (5.5 bar) it remains free. This makes it perfect for safety applications since in the event of any anomaly it is the springs that carry out the braking force.

The FNB family brakes have a compact design and it has a nominal torque range from 25 Nm to 150 Nm.

The most common assembly the FNB negative pneumatic brake is between the motor and the gearbox with standardized B5 flanges. Thanks to the double flange type of construction, the brake can be retrofitted into existing applications.

Another common assembly is to mount a pulley or a chain sprocket on the output shaft, thanks to the self-supporting design of the entire brake.

For retention or parking applications, wear is zero, and for applications where dynamic braking is required, wear is minimal.

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We can find some of its main features below:

  • Self-supporting group
  • Standard flanges and shafts
  • The brake is protected
  • Very fast response time


The FNB negative pneumatic brake can be used for different types of machinery such as


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