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FNB negative pneumatic brake

FNB negative pneumatic brake

The negative pneumatic brake FNB is the perfect choice for horizontal or vertical shaft work requiring a high level of reliability, fast response and minimal residual torque.

These pneumatic brakes, driven by compressed air, are ideal for use in automated machinery. Find out more about the benefits and uses of FNB negative air brakes in this article.



What is the negative pneumatic brake FNB?

The negative pneumatic brake FNB is a highly safe and versatile braking solution.

This type of brake operates in a negative mode, which means that it remains braked in the absence of air pressure thanks to the action of the springs.

When air pressure is applied to 5.5 bar, the brake is released, making it ideal for safety applications, as in the event of any problems, the springs are the ones that provide the braking force.

Nominal value

The FNB family of brakes offers a compact design and a nominal torque range from 25 Nm to 150 Nm, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

Versatility of assembly

The most common mounting for the pneumatic brake is between the motor and gearbox using standard B5 flanges. Thanks to its double flange design, this brake can be easily installed in existing applications.

Another common mounting option involves the installation of a pulley or chain sprocket on the output shaft, taking advantage of the self-supporting design of the brake.

Common applications of the negative pneumatic brake FNB

In holding or parking applications, the brake is wear-free, and for applications requiring dynamic braking, wear is minimal. This ensures long-lasting and reliable performance in a variety of situations.

Secure solution

If you are looking for a safe and efficient braking solution, the negative pneumatic brake FNB could be the perfect choice for your application.

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Highlights of the FNB negative pneumatic brake


  • Self-supporting group: This characteristic suggests that the component or system in question is self-supporting, meaning that it has the ability to be supported or held in place without the need for external supports. This can be beneficial in applications where a compact design is required or where it is desired to minimise the need for additional support structures.
  • Flanges and standardised shafts: This implies that the connections and components used in the system comply with standardised standards. Standardised flanges and shafts are components designed to common dimensions and specifications that facilitate interchangeability and compatibility with other systems or components that meet the same standards. This can simplify manufacturing, assembly and maintenance.
  • The brake is protected: This feature suggests that the brake, which could be part of the system or component in question, is protected from possible damage or exposure to adverse conditions. This is important to ensure that the brake functions efficiently and safely during operation, while prolonging its life by keeping it away from damaging elements.
  • Very fast response time: This characteristic indicates that the system or component has the ability to respond quickly to stimuli or commands. In applications where a fast response is required, such as in control, automation or safety systems, a fast response time can be critical to ensure adequate and safe performance.


The FNB negative pneumatic brake can be used for different types of machinery such as


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