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FZB Bistable Brake

FZB Bistable Brake

Experience a leap forward in industrial energy efficiency with the FZB Bistable Brake.

This innovative electromagnetic brake redefines energy-saving standards by minimising power consumption and heat dissipation, activating only during switching pulses.

With its instantaneous state change capability and a wide power range of 5 to 15 Nm, the FZB offers exceptionally adaptable performance for a variety of industrial applications.



What is the FZB Bistable Brake?


The FZB Bistable Brake is a pioneering technology designed to optimise energy consumption in industrial applications. With its innovative activation and deactivation system, it redefines the standards of efficiency in electromagnetic braking.

Unprecedented energy efficiency

Experience remarkable energy savings thanks to the unique design of the FZB.

This electromagnetic brake only consumes power during switching pulses, minimising both power consumption and heat dissipation, making it the ideal choice for applications where every watt counts.

Simplified activation

With just one impulse, the FZB Bistable Brake is activated, changing from positive to negative state instantaneously.

This rapid responsiveness makes it uniquely suited to situations where precise and agile braking is required.

Adjustable power

With a torque range of 5 to 15 Nm, the FZB offers adaptable power for a variety of industrial applications.

Whether stopping light or heavy loads, this electromagnetic brake provides the performance to meet your demands.

Versatile applications

From heavy machinery to conveyor systems, theFZB Bistable Brake is suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.

Its ability to switch between positive and negative states makes it ideal for situations where both braking and motion release are required.

Calidad y fiabilidad garantizadas

Respaldado por rigurosos controles de calidad, el Freno Biestable FZB cumple con los estándares más exigentes en términos de rendimiento y durabilidad.

Optimise your operation with the FZB Bistable Brake

Find out how the FZB Bistable Brake can transform industrial operation, delivering energy efficiency without compromising performance.


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The FZB Bistable Brake can be used for different types of machinery such as:


Golf carts

Automatic guided vehicles. AGV

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