GEF Electromagnetic Clutch-Brake

GEF Electromagnetic Clutch-Brake

The GEF electromagnetic clutch-brake is a highly versatile and efficient solution that meets the needs of a wide variety of industrial applications.

Its modularity, low residual torque and fast response make it a smart choice for optimising performance and productivity in demanding industrial environments.



What is the GEF electromagnetic clutch-brake?


The GEF electromagnetic clutch-brake is a versatile solution that combines both clutch and brake in one compact unit.

This solution is highly adaptable and can deliver up to 17 different versions, depending on the specific mounting requirements.

Versatility and modularity

The GEF is a self-supporting unit incorporating a positive electromagnetic clutch and brake in a robust housing.

This modularity is one of the key features of this solution.

The components can be combined in a variety of ways, allowing the unit to be adapted to a wide range of industrial applications.

Efficient mains operation

Both the clutch and the brake of the GEF are electrically operated.

This feature provides precise control over applications, which is essential in industrial environments where accuracy and efficiency are paramount.

Low residual torque and reduced moment of inertia

The GEF electromagnetic clutch-brake stands out for its low residual torque and low moment of inertia. This means that mechanical energy is transferred efficiently and precisely, resulting in exceptional performance.

Rapid response and minimal downtime are benefits of this system.

Ease of power supply

The power supply is supplied at 24 Vdc and is directly integrated with a terminal box.

This ensures a secure and reliable connection.

In addition, all versions of the GEF have protection equivalent to IP-44, ensuring safe operation in a variety of industrial environments.

High speed performance.

The GEF electromagnetic clutch-brake is designed for high-speed operation, making it an ideal choice for applications requiring continuous and efficient productivity.

The combination of low residual torque, low moment of inertia and fast response contributes to optimum performance.

Various mounting options

This electromagnetic clutch-brake is adaptable to various mounting configurations.

The most common mounting is between the motor and gearbox using standard B5 flanges. However, there are other options, such as foot, male drive shaft and male driven shaft mountings, as well as a standard B5 input flange and a male shaft output.


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Highlights of the GEF electromagnetic clutch-brake


  • Self-supporting Group: The GEF is presented as a self-supporting assembly, which means that the unit is self-supporting, offering simplified installation and increased structural stability.
  • Flanges and standardised shafts: It offers the convenience of standardised flanges and shafts, facilitating integration into different systems and applications, simplifying installation and adaptation to diverse industrial environments.
  • Clutch and brake protection: Both clutch and brake are protected, ensuring durability and safe operation, even in challenging industrial environments.
  • Fast response time: One of its most outstanding features is its ability to deliver extremely fast response times, which is crucial in environments where speed and accuracy are paramount.


The GEF Electromagnetic clutch-brake can be used for different types of machinery, such as:


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