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LPC Torque Limiter

LPC Torque Limiter

The LPC torque limiter is a mechanical element that is inserted between the driving element and the driven element to be protected.

The LPC torque limiter is the simplest and easiest to use friction torque limiter.



The LPC torque limiter is a mechanism designed to absorb overloads in any type of machine, therefore they are mechanical “fuses”.

When the regulated torque is exceeded, a slip occurs between the chain sprocket, pulley, etc. and friction discs. The construction with helical springs gives it great regulation sensitivity and allows it to absorb wear without appreciable modification of the regulated torque.

Other applications of the LPC torque limiter, as a constant load element (retainers) or in single winding shafts, are possible as long as the heat generated is determined. Generally, low speed mechanisms lend themselves to this type of economical solution.

The nature of the nylon crown makes it more sensitive to heat. The possibility of using it as a continuous sliding element is more limited. In autonomous machines or where continuous slippage may not be detected by the operator, it is advisable to install an external speed detector that will act on an alarm or directly on the motorization.

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We can find some of its main features below:

  • Its coil spring system gives it great sensitivity.
  • Wide regulation range without sudden modification of the regulated torque.
  • Great capacity for continuous work.
  • Big pairs.


The mechanical LPC torque limiter can be used for different types of machinery such as:


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