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LPC Torque Limiter

LPC Torque Limiter

The LPC mechanical torque limiter is an essential component to ensure the safety and performance of industrial machinery.

Its simple yet efficient design, coupled with its versatility in applications, makes it a reliable choice.



What is the LPC torque limiter?


The LPC mechanical torque limiter is strategically placed between conductive and driven elements in machines, playing a crucial role in overload protection.

Functions as a mechanical fuse, absorbing excess torque and preventing costly damage to equipment.

Operation and benefits

When the regulated torque is exceeded on a machine, the LPC mechanical torque limiter comes into play by allowing controlled sliding between components such as sprockets, chains and pulleys, thanks to its friction discs.

Its ingenious design with coil springs not only guarantees sensitive adjustment, but also the ability to withstand wear without significantly altering the adjusted torque.

Versatile applications

The LPC mechanical torque limiter has a wide range of applications. In addition to its primary function in overload protection, it can be used as a constant load element in situations such as retainers or single winding shafts. For low-speed applications, this mechanism presents itself as an economical and efficient solution.

Special considerations

The nylon crown in the LPC mechanical torque limiter confers an increased sensitivity to heat. This should be taken into account when operating in conditions where temperatures may rise. Although its use as a continuous sliding element is limited, its versatility and responsiveness make it a valuable option in a variety of machine configurations.

Importance of speed detection

In situations where continuous slippage could go unnoticed by the operator or on stand-alone machines, it is recommended to install an external speed detector. This addition will act as an alarm or can even interact directly with the motorisation, ensuring an immediate response to any anomaly.


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Highlights of the LPC mechanical torque limiter

Below we highlight some of the main characteristics that make the LPC mechanical torque limiter an exceptional choice to protect and optimise machinery:


  • Helical spring system: The incorporation of a coil spring system gives the governor exceptional sensitivity. This feature allows accurate and rapid detection of overloads, ensuring an immediate response to safeguard machine components.
  • Broad field of regulation: The LPC mechanical torque limiter stands out for its ability to regulate torque without abrupt changes. This flexibility is crucial to maintain stable operation and avoid drastic changes in production or machine performance.
  • Work in continuum: One of the most outstanding advantages of the overspeed governor is its ability to operate continuously. This ensures constant and reliable protection in industrial environments where variable loads are common, thus contributing to efficient and safe operation.
  • High capacity for large pairs: The LPC mechanical torque limiter stands out for its ability to handle large torques effectively. This feature makes it an ideal choice for machinery operating in high stress and torque demanding conditions.


The mechanical LPC torque limiter can be used for different types of machinery such as:


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