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LPPSS torque limiter

LPPSS torque limiter

The LPPSS torque limiter plays an essential role in protecting industrial machinery and ensuring the safety of operators.

These devices not only prevent overload damage, but also maintain synchronism and can detect torque surges before serious problems occur.

Their versatility makes them a valuable option for a wide variety of industrial applications.

By investing in torque limiters, companies can safeguard their equipment, reduce maintenance costs and, most importantly, protect their personnel.



What is the LPPSS torque limiter?


The LPPSS torque limiter is an essential device in machines that require safety mechanisms to maintain synchronism in case of activation.

These devices play a critical role in preventing slippage between the driver and the driven when the preset torque setting is exceeded.

Advanced Security

The main purpose of the LPPSS torque limiter is to ensure safety in machines and systems where maintaining synchronisation is essential. When the preset torque is exceeded, it is activated to prevent damage and possible accidents.

Detection of loss of synchronism

With the ability to detect loss of synchronism, the LPPSS can incorporate a micro-switch which, when a problem is identified, emits an electrical signal that stops transmission. This prevents further damage and allows the problem to be addressed immediately.

Synchronism recovery

After the problem has been solved, the torque limiter offers the ability to restore the mechanical synchronism for which it was designed. This ensures that the machine can return to efficient operation without compromising safety.

Early detection of increased par

Thanks to its characteristic curve, the LPPSS torque limiter can detect an increase in torque before a loss of synchronism occurs. This means it can intervene preventively, reducing the risk of costly breakdowns.

Overload resistance

LPPSS torque limiters are specifically designed to absorb working overloads, which improves the durability and service life of the machinery in which they are installed.


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Highlights of the LPPSS torque limiter

The LPPSS torque limiter is a versatile solution designed to provide safety and maintain synchronism in a variety of industrial applications. Among its outstanding features are:


  • Wide torque range: The LPPSS torque limiter offers an exceptionally wide torque range. With a minimum torque of 20 Nm, is able to maintain synchronism even in low power applications. In addition, its maximum torque of 400 Nm makes it a solid choice for high power applications.
  • Accurate detection: This device is designed with a highly accurate detection system that responds immediately when the preset torque is exceeded. This feature is essential to prevent damage and ensure the safety of equipment and personnel.
  • Efficient recovery: In case of activation due to exceeding the maximum torque, the LPPSS torque limiter not only stops the transmission safely, but also allows an efficient recovery of the synchronism once the problem is solved.
  • Robust design: Robust and sturdy construction of the LPPSS torque limiter allows it to withstand overloads, ensuring long life and reliable performance.
  • Preventive and reactive: Thanks to its characteristic curve, this device is able to detect torque increases before a loss of synchronism occurs, allowing preventive measures to be taken. At the same time, it reacts quickly and effectively in the event of an emergency.
  • Versatility: LPPSS torque limiters are applicable in a wide variety of machines and systems that require safety mechanisms and synchronism. From industrial applications to specialised machinery, they are a reliable choice.
  • Easy integration: Its modular design and ability to incorporate micro-switches facilitates its integration into different systems, simplifying installation and maintenance.


The LPPSS torque limiter can be used for different types of machinery such as:


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