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LPPSS torque limiter

LPPSS torque limiter

The LPPSS torque limiter are designed to absorb work overloads. They are applicable in any machine that requires a safety mechanism and at the same time it is necessary to maintain synchronism if the limiter is activated.

When the preset torque in its regulation is exceeded, there is a slippage between the driver and the driven.



A microswitch can be installed in the LPPSS torque limiter which, upon detecting loss of synchronism, stops the entire transmission by means of an electrical signal.

Once the problem is detected and solved, the LPPSS limiter allows recovery of the mechanical synchronism for which it was built.

Due to the characteristic curve it is possible to detect the increase in torque before a loss of synchronism occurs.

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The LPPSS torque limiter can be used for different types of machinery such as:


We can find some of its main features below:

  • Minimum torque 20 Nm.
  • Maximum torque of 400 Nm.


We can find the technical sheet through the following downloads:

Torque limiters

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