NE-CD Pneumatic Toothed Clutch

NE-CD Pneumatic Toothed Clutch

The NE/CD pneumatic toothed clutch, is a versatile, efficient and reliable solution that adapts to a variety of industrial applications.

Its serrated design, coupled with its ability to transmit superior torque, makes it an ideal choice for situations where precision and efficiency are paramount.

Whether as a standard clutch or a clutch-brake option, the NE/CD offers exceptional performance and safe operation.



What is the NE/CD pneumatic toothed clutch?


The NE/CD pneumatic toothed clutch is a compact clutch unit that combines the efficiency of a pneumatic clutch with the robustness of a toothed design.

This device offers a variety of applications, from transmitting high torque to maintaining synchronism between components, and can be mounted in a variety of configurations to suit the specific needs of your project.

Versatile design for multiple applications

The NE/CD pneumatic toothed clutch stands out for its versatility in terms of mounting. It can be fitted with sprockets or pulleys, thanks to its toothed clutch disc, which incorporates two ball bearings to make it self-supporting and robust.

This clutch is adapted to the connection of two coaxial shafts, which extends its possibilities of use in various industrial applications.

Efficient and precise operation

The NE/CD pneumatic toothed clutch operates efficiently and precisely. Torque transmission occurs when air pressure is applied to the drive chamber, which is supplied with compressed air at a nominal pressure of 5.5 bar.

This air chamber is static, and air consumption is minimal, making it energy efficient.

Advantages of the toothed clutch

The toothed design of this clutch has significant advantages. Compared to a standard pneumatic clutch of similar size, the NE/CD toothed clutch can transmit higher torque.

In addition, their toothed arrangement allows synchronism to be maintained between the conductive and driven parts, which is essential in many industrial applications.

Safe and reliable operation

The clutching of this device is done at idle or low speed, which ensures safe and reliable operation.

On the other hand, disengagement can be performed at any speed, which provides flexibility in the uncoupling process.

Clutch-Brake option

In addition to its clutch function, the NE/CD is also available as a clutch-brake, equipped with a spring-actuated friction brake.

In this configuration, it is important to note that the toothed clutch disc acts as the driving component, while the clutch hub is braked. This option can be valuable in applications where additional control over the system is required.


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Highlights of the NE-CD pneumatic toothed clutch


  • Big pairs in small dimensions: Despite its compact design, the NE/CD is capable of transmitting considerable torques, making it an efficient choice for applications requiring high power transmission capacity in limited spaces.
  • Self-supporting: Thanks to the inclusion of two ball bearings in its clutch toothed disc, the NE/CD is self-supporting and exceptionally robust. This means it can withstand loads and provide stability without the need for additional components.
  • Possibility of synchronism: The toothed design of the clutch allows synchronism to be maintained between the driving and driven parts. This feature is essential in applications where precision and timing are essential.
  • Possibility of stop/start detector: The NE/CD can be configured with a stop/run detector option. This means it can be used to detect and monitor stop or run status, adding an extra layer of versatility in industrial applications.


The NE/CD toothed pneumatic clutch can be used for different types of machinery such as:


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