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NEF 2B5 Pneumatic Clutch-Brake

NEF 2B5 Pneumatic Clutch-Brake

The NEF 2B5 pneumatic clutch-brake offers a comprehensive solution to improve performance and safety in industrial systems.

Its ability to regulate air pressure and control power transmission ensures efficient and safe operation.

Direct solenoid valve installation adds a layer of agility, enabling quick responses to optimise machine functionality.



What is the NEF 2B5 pneumatic clutch-brake?


The NEF 2B5 pneumatic clutch-brake is a compact and versatile solution that fuses a pneumatic clutch with a spring reaction brake, combined in a self-supporting housing.

Designed to fit easily between motors and gearboxes with standardised B5 flanges, this unit offers precise and safe control in industrial systems.

Compact and functional design

The combination of clutch and brake in a self-supporting housing not only optimises space, but also ensures efficient operation.

This compact design facilitates installation between key components, allowing effective control of machine acceleration time.

Acceleration control and safety mechanism

The key to optimising the performance of a machine lies in the precise regulation of the air pressure in the NEF 2B5.

This adjustability provides fine control over acceleration time, which not only improves efficiency, but also ensures safety by limiting transmitted torque.

This limitation is essential to protect the rest of the mechanism, avoiding overloads and possible damage.

Efficient installation and quick response

For quick response, it is recommended to mount the solenoid valve directly on the clutch-brake body.

This arrangement not only simplifies the structure, but also eliminates the need for a quick exhaust valve.

The direct integration of the solenoid valve improves responsiveness, reducing any delay in signal transmission.

Benefits of implementing NEF 2B5 in industrial systems

  • Improved efficiency: The ability to control air pressure allows for more efficient and precise operation of industrial machinery.
  • Security: The limitation of the transmitted torque ensures the safety of the mechanism, preventing damage and overloads.
  • Espacio optimizado: Its compact, self-supporting design makes it easy to integrate into different machine configurations.


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