NEF Pneumatic Clutch-Brake

NEF Pneumatic Clutch-Brake

The NEF pneumatic clutch-brake is presented as an all-in-one solution that combines clutch and brake functionality in one compact unit.

Its ability to control the acceleration of machinery, limit the torque transmitted and its versatility of mounting make it an essential component for mechanical systems requiring precision and safety.

This device, through its ingenious design and adaptability, positions itself as a key player in the development of efficient and safe industrial systems.



What is the NEF pneumatic clutch-brake?


The NEF pneumatic clutch-brake represents a compact and versatile solution that combines the functions of a pneumatic clutch and an antagonistic brake by means of spring action.

This device, radially supplied with compressed air at a nominal pressure of 5.5 bar, offers a wide range of industrial applications.

NEF design and features

The integration of the driving part by means of bearings and a cylindrical area with axial threaded holes allows easy adaptation, whether for the incorporation of sprockets, pulleys or flexible couplings between two shafts in line.

This versatility in design facilitates its implementation in various mechanical systems.

Precise machine control

Proper air pressure regulation not only provides effective control over the acceleration time of the machinery, but also limits the torque transmitted, ensuring the safety of the rest of the mechanism.

This air pressure control becomes a key factor in optimising performance and operational safety.

Effective integration: Solenoid valve and mounting

The recommendation to mount the solenoid valve directly on the clutch-brake body is a highlight for quick response.

This arrangement allows the elimination of the quick exhaust valve, simplifying the system and improving operational efficiency.

Practical applications

Typical NEF pneumatic clutch-brake assembly is by means of pulleys, chain discs or sprockets leading to a driven shaft, applying the brake to the latter.

This mounting versatility extends its possible applications in a wide range of mechanical configurations.


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Highlights of the NEF Pneumatic clutch-brake


  • Self-supporting design: The NEF is distinguished by its self-supporting design, which means that it does not require an external rotary air intake. This feature makes it highly efficient and easy to integrate into mechanical systems.
  • Torque regulation: One of the most notable advantages of the NEF is its ability to regulate the torque transmitted through air pressure. This allows precise control over power and speed in industrial applications, which is essential to ensure optimum performance.
  • Versatility of application: Thanks to its versatile design, the NEF can be adapted for use with sprockets, pulleys or flexible couplings, making it suitable for a wide variety of mechanical system configurations.
  • Fast response time: One of its most outstanding features is its ability to deliver extremely fast response times, which is crucial in environments where speed and accuracy are paramount.


The NEF Pneumatic Clutch-Brake can be used for different types of machinery, such as:


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