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OLG Electromagnetic clutch

OLG Electromagnetic clutch

The OLG electromagnetic clutch of the German firmPrecima Magnettechnik is a key component in motion transmission systems requiring control and precision..

Its different constructions make it versatile and adaptable to various applications, and its positive current operation makes it a reliable choice for a wide range of industries.


What is the OLG electromagnetic clutch?


The OLG electromagnetic clutch from Precima Magnettechnik is an essential component in many industrial and automotive applications. This device, which consists of several key parts, provides precise control over the transmission of motion in various configurations.

OLG Electromagnetic Clutch Components

The OLG electromagnetic clutch is composed of several fundamental parts that work together to transmit motion when activated. These components include:

  • Inductor core and coil: The heart of the clutch is the inductor core, which contains a wound coil. When an electric current is applied to this coil, it generates a magnetic field.
  • Rotor with friction lining: The rotor is equipped with a friction lining that allows the clutch to transmit motion when engaged. The rotor is mounted on a keyed shaft.
  • Armature disc and spring-membrane: The armature assembly consists of an armature disc and a spring-membrane. When electric current is applied, the magnetic field attracts the armature disc, allowing the transmission of motion. The spring-membrane retracts the disc when the clutch is disengaged.

OLG Electromagnetic Clutch Operation

The OLG electromagnetic clutch operates as a positive clutch, which means that it is activated by the application of electric current..

When a DC voltage is applied to the coil, a magnetic field is generated which passes through the friction-lined rotor. This magnetic field attracts the armature disc, allowing the clutch to transmit motion effectively.

On the other hand, when the electrical current is cut off, the diaphragm spring comes into action by retracting the armature disc. This action disengages the clutch, stopping the transmission of motion instantaneously and precisely.

OLG electromagnetic clutch constructions:

The clutch OLG comes in three different types of constructions, each adapted to specific requirements:

  • Construction 0: This is the basic clutch unit, consisting of the armature with the rotor and bearing, together with the armature and the spring-membrane. It is mounted directly on a pulley or sprocket.
  • Construction L: Similar to construction 1.1, but includes a pulley or sprocket carrier bushing, providing additional mounting options.
  • Construction F1: This version is designed with an aluminium bushing that allows it to be mounted on another axle, providing greater versatility in applications.

OLG Electromagnetic Clutch Applications

The OLG electromagnetic clutch finds application in a wide variety of sectors, including the automotive industry, industrial machinery, and other equipment where precise control of motion transmission is required.

Its ability to switch on and off quickly and efficiently makes it essential in situations where power and speed control are needed.

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Highlights of the OLG Electromagnetic Clutch


  • Single plane monodisk: Designed with a single-plane monodisc that ensures efficient and reliable motion transmission performance.
  • Self-supporting: Its self-supporting design makes it easy to install and maintain, simplifying its use in a variety of applications.
  • Standard voltage 24 V.d.c.: It operates on a standardised voltage of 24 volts DC, which facilitates integration into common electrical systems.
  • Universal compatibility: Compatible with most manufacturers, making it a versatile and widely usable option in a variety of configurations.


The OLG electromagnetic clutch can be used for different types of machinery, such as:


You can find the technical data sheet through the following downloads:

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