OLK Electromagnetic Clutch

OLK Electromagnetic Clutch

The OLK electromagnetic clutch of the German firm Precima Magnettechnik is a solid choice when control and precision in motion transmission are required.

Its robust design and multiple constructions make it versatile for various industrial applications.

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What is the OLK electromagnetic clutch?


The OLK electromagnetic clutch of Precima Magnettechnik es a versatile and reliable solution designed to transmit or interrupt motion in a variety of industrial applications. This electromagnetic clutch stands out for its robust design and its ability to operate in a precise and controlled manner.

Inductor core with coil

The inductor core with its corresponding coil is the central part that generates the magnetic field when a DC voltage is applied. This magnetic field is essential for the operation of the clutch by attracting the armature.

Rotor with friction material

The rotor, which includes the built-in friction material, is mounted on the machine shaft with a key. This component is essential for the transmission of motion and control of the clutch.

Induced set

The armature assembly consists of the armature disc itself, which includes a diaphragm spring, and the armature bracket. The diaphragm spring is crucial to the engagement and disengagement of the clutch by acting as a spring element.

Electromagnetic release

The brake is released electromagnetically. This means that when a suitable electrical voltage is applied, the brake is released, allowing movement. This feature provides precise control over braking and release, which is essential in applications requiring a high degree of precision.

Positive current driven operation

The OLK electromagnetic clutch operates as a positive clutch, which means that it is activated by the application of a direct electric current.

When a DC voltage is applied to the coil, a magnetic field is generated which passes through the friction-lined rotor. This magnetic field attracts the armature, which allows the transmission of motion. In other words, when the clutch receives current, it engages and allows the transfer of motion.

When the electrical current is interrupted, the diaphragm spring retracts the armature. This action separates the rotor from the armature disc, disengaging the clutch and stopping the transmission of motion.

Various constructions for different applications:

The OLK electromagnetic clutch is offered in three different constructions:

  • Construction 0: This is the basic clutch unit, consisting of the armature, rotor and armature, with the spring-membrane riveted. It is mounted directly on pulleys or sprockets.
  • Construction L: It includes the armature, the rotor, the armature with riveted spring-membrane and a pulley or pinion bushing, which makes it suitable for applications with specific mounting requirements.
  • Construction F1: Consisting of the inductor, rotor, armature with riveted spring-membrane and an aluminium bushing designed to be mounted on another shaft. This construction offers greater flexibility in terms of mounting.

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Outstanding characteristics of the OLK electromagnetic clutch


  • Single plane monodisk: This product uses a single-plane single disc design. This configuration means that the clutch or brake operates with a single friction disc and a single mating plane. This design can offer simplicity and efficiency in transmitting motion or stopping motion, depending on the application.
  • Standard voltage 24 VDC: The product operates on a standardised voltage of 24 volts direct current (VDC). This voltage is commonly used in industrial applications and provides a standard power supply for easy integration into existing systems.
  • Compatibility with most manufacturers: One of the key advantages of this product is its ability to be compatible with most manufacturers. This means that it can effectively integrate with systems and components from different suppliers, adding flexibility to your application and making it easy to use in a variety of configurations.


The OLK electromagnetic clutch can be used for different types of machinery such as:


We can find the technical sheet through the following downloads:

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