OMB Electromagnetic Brake

OMB Electromagnetic Brake

The OMB electromagnetic brake, is a brake from the German firm Precima Magnettechnik.

It is the answer when you are looking for a reliable and accurate braking solution. With its positive operation, versatile constructions and reliable performance, this electromagnetic brake is an essential tool for ensuring safety and control in a variety of industrial applications.

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What is the OMB electromagnetic brake?


The OMB electromagnetic brake is the ideal solution when you need to stop motion quickly and accurately. This electromagnetic brake is an essential part in a variety of industrial applications where safety and control are paramount.

Manufactured by the renowned German firm Precima Magnettechnik.

Positive current-driven operation

The OMB brake is a positive brake, which means that it is activated by the application of a direct electrical current. When a voltage of 24 Vdc is applied to the coil, a magnetic field is created which attracts the armature, thus stopping the movement of the shaft efficiently and accurately.

Locking and unlocking mechanism

The brake is designed with an ingenious locking and unlocking mechanism. When de-energised, the spring-membrane retracts the armature, releasing the brake and allowing the shaft to rotate freely. This gives full control over the movement and ensures instant stopping when power is applied.

Versatile constructions

The OMB brake is available in three different constructions to suit various applications. Construction 0 is the basic unit, consisting of the armature and riveted spring-membrane armature, ideal for direct mounting on pulleys or sprockets. The F1 and F2 constructions include the aluminium bushing for direct mounting on the shaft, which facilitates the braking action.

Reliable performance

German quality and precision are the hallmark of the OMB brake from Precima Magnettechnik.

This electromagnetic brake is designed to perform reliably in demanding applications, providing safe and accurate stopping at all times.
The OMB electromagnetic brake from Precima Magnettechnik is a popular choice in a variety of industries, from manufacturing to industrial automation, due to its ability to provide precise control and quick stopping in critical situations. In addition, its versatility in terms of constructions makes it easily adaptable to different working environments.

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Highlights of the OMB Electromagnetic brake


  • Compatibility with most manufacturers: This product is designed to be compatible with a wide range of manufacturers and equipment. This means it can be effectively integrated with systems and components from different suppliers, adding flexibility to your application and making it easy to use in a variety of configurations.
  • Small dimensions: One of the key advantages of this product is its small dimensions. Its compact design makes it suitable for spaces where space is limited. This feature is especially valuable in applications where equipment size is critical and a low-profile solution is required.
  • Power supply with adjustable voltage: The product offers the possibility of supplying a power supply with adjustable voltage. This means that the user can adjust the operating voltage according to the specific needs of their application. The voltage regulation capability adds versatility and allows the product to be adapted to different power requirements.


The OMB electromagnetic brake can be used for different types of machinery such as:


We can find the technical sheet through the following downloads:

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