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Rotating air intake

Rotating air intake

The rotary air intake 2 and 3 inlets is a key part of optimising the performance of your machinery.

With its customised design, adaptable flanges and exceptional durability, this solution not only improves operational efficiency, but also promotes sustainable industrial practices.



What is the rotary air intake?


The rotary air intake is a component used in air intake systems in industrial machinery and equipment.

Its main function is to provide a controlled and optimised air flow to the combustion system of an engine or machine.

Optimising performance with high quality air intake: Customised design for your needs

In the world of engineering and machinery, the air intake is an essential component to ensure optimum performance.

This device, available at 2 and 3-input configurations, is tailor-made and perfectly suited for various industrial applications.

Adapter flanges for perfect integration

Seamless integration is key, and this is where the adapter flanges come into play. These parts facilitate the mounting of the rotary air intake, ensuring a robust and efficient connection.

The versatility of these flanges allows their application in a variety of industrial environments, from manufacturing to heavy machinery.

Durable protection for sustainable performance

Durability is a critical factor in any industrial component, and the rotary air intake is no exception.

Equipped with robust protection, this part is able to withstand harsh conditions and hostile environments. Its high-quality construction ensures a long service life, thus reducing maintenance costs and increasing operational efficiency.

Outstanding physical properties of carbon brushes

Among the outstanding physical properties of carbon brushes are their excellent electrical conductivity, high temperature resistance, mechanical strength and wear resistance.

These features ensure reliable performance even under adverse conditions, prolonging the life of the system.

Environmental and performance benefits

The rotary air intake not only meets exacting performance standards, but also brings environmental benefits.

By ensuring more efficient combustion, it contributes to the reduction of harmful emissions, thus complying with the strictest environmental regulations.


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