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SED Electromagnetic Tooth Clutch

SED Electromagnetic Tooth Clutch

The SED electromagnetic tooth clutch is a positive clutch, i.e. current driven. When a DC voltage is established in the coil, a magnetic field is generated that crosses the toothed rotor and attracts the armature, transmitting the movement.

It is characterized by its small dimensions in relation to its high torque transmission capacity and its self-centering inductor-coil arrangement by bearings.



The SED electromagnetic tooth clutch must be engaged at standstill or at low speed, depending on the inertia of the system. At higher inertia, lower speed and for high inertia, engaged at rest. The disengagement can be carried out at any speed of rotation.

These units can work in any position and also in lubricated environments.
The SED clutch is ideal to be mounted on any machine that requires high torques, no slippage or limited space. Likewise, it is a clutch that does not require any type of maintenance.

The assembly

The SED electromagnetic tooth clutch can be assembled by joining two shafts in line, by means of an elastic coupling, or by joining shafts in parallel, by means of pinions, pulleys, etc.

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  • This clutch has the following features to highlight:
  • Ring gear transmission without slip rings.
  • Possibility of synchronism.
  • Normalized voltage 24 V.DC


The SED Tooth Electromagnetic Clutch can be used for different types of machinery such as:


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