SEE Electromagnetic Clutch

SEE Electromagnetic Clutch

The SEE electromagnetic clutch, is an effective solution for the transmission of motion in mechanical systems..

Operation based on controlled magnetic attraction enables precise and reliable performance.

With its three different constructions, it is capable of adapting to a variety of applications, from direct drives to more complex systems.



What is the SEE electromagnetic clutch?


The SEE electromagnetic clutch is an essential component in power transmission systems, as they allow the controlled coupling and decoupling of two mechanical elements.

Operation of the SEE electromagnetic clutch

The SEE electromagnetic clutch is based on the principle of magnetic attraction to transmit motion between two components. Its operation is relatively simple but highly efficient.

It consists of three main parts: the inductor core with the corresponding coil, the rotor with incorporated friction material and the armature assembly.

When a DC voltage is applied to the coil, a magnetic field is generated across the friction-lined rotor. This magnetic field attracts the armature assembly, consisting of the armature disc and a spring-membrane.

This magnetic attraction is what allows the transmission of motion between the rotor and the armature assembly. In other words, the clutch engages and transmits motion when it receives current.

On the other hand, when no current is supplied to the coil, the spring-membrane retracts the armature assembly. This means that the clutch disengages, ceasing to transmit motion between the parts.

This controlled coupling and decoupling capability is especially useful in applications where precise synchronisation or quick disconnection of two components is required.

SEE electromagnetic clutch constructions

The SEE electromagnetic clutch offers three different types of constructions, each designed to suit different needs and applications.

  • Construction 1.1: In manufacturing and assembly equipment, where precise control of the clutch and clutch release is required, these devices ensure consistent performance.
  • Construction 1.2: This is the basic clutch unit. It includes the armature, the rotor and the armature assembly with the spring-membrane. This construction is ideal for mounting directly onto a pulley or sprocket, providing a simple and efficient solution.
  • Construction 1.3: In the third construction, in addition to the basic elements, an aluminium hub is incorporated. This option is ideal when the clutch needs to be mounted on another shaft. The inclusion of the aluminium bushing ensures a solid and reliable coupling.


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Highlights of the SEE electromagnetic clutch


  • Single plane monodisk: The single-disc, single-plane design is a distinctive feature of this clutch. This configuration ensures simple and reliable operation, making it easy to integrate into a variety of mechanical systems..
  • Standard voltage 24 V.d.c.: The ability to operate on a standardised 24 volt DC voltage is a significant advantage. This standard is widely used in industrial and automotive applications, making the SEE electromagnetic clutch easy to incorporate into existing systems.
  • Compatibility with most manufacturers: One of the notable advantages of this clutch is its compatibility with most manufacturers. This means that it can be used effectively in combination with other components and systems produced by different manufacturers, which speeds up selection and implementation in industrial and automotive projects.


The SEE electromagnetic clutch can be used for different types of machinery such as:


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