Tooth Discs – Hirth Joint

Tooth Discs – Hirth Joint

Design your own clutch with our Hirth Joint

Tooth Discs – Hirth Joint offer a robust and adaptable solution for shaft connection, giving engineers the ability to design customised and efficient clutches.

Discover how this innovative technology can improve your power transmission systems.


What are Tooth Discs – Hirth Joint?


Tooth discs – Hirth coupling are essential components in power transmission engineering, enabling the efficient connection of two parts of an axle.

Its unique design, characterised by tapered teeth mating on the end faces of each half shaft, offers exceptional performance in terms of torque capacity and durability.

The engineering behind the Hirth gaskets: An in-depth look

Hirth seals consist of radial teeth, meticulously milled or ground on the end face of a cylindrical shaft.

These teeth interlock around a ring, and the torque capacity increases proportionally with their diameter. This efficient design maximises the available space by placing the ring at the maximum possible diameter.

Design your own clutch with Tooth Discs – Hirth Joint and NE-CD coupling

Imagine the possibility of creating your own simple and economical clutch using the Hirth Coupling together with our NE-CD pneumatic clutch discs.

Each disc can accommodate two bearings, ensuring precise alignment between the two discs, a crucial factor in this type of mechanism.

Unlimited customisation: Positional clutches with toothed discs – Hirth coupling

The flexibility of this system allows for positional disc sets, ideal when precise synchronism between the two discs is required.

This feature gives engineers the freedom to tailor the clutch to the specific needs of their applications.

Optimise your machinery with the Hirth Joint

The combination of the Hirth Coupling and our NE-CD clutch discs guarantees mechanical efficiency.

Take advantage of the versatility of this system to boost the performance of your machinery.


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