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Toothed Clutch ECD

Toothed Clutch ECD

The ECD toothed electromagnetic clutch, once it has engaged in standstill, allows high rotational speeds. In addition, it is capable of transmitting a high torque for its dimensions, this can be done thanks to the faced teeth.



The Toothed Clutch ECD, is an example of a custom design for a client, an ECD clutch was adapted to two pulleys, the driving pulley and the driven pulley.

Another negative clutch design was also made, that is, in the absence of current it remains engaged, respecting the same dimensions as the first design with the ECD clutch. Furthermore, the negative version was designed with the static inductor, thus achieving an even more compact design.

For applications where the movement must be transmitted most of the time, it is better to use a negative clutch (which works in the absence of current), thus allowing a very important saving in electricity consumption.

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