Torque Detector

Torque Detector

The torque detector is a variant of the LPB ball torque limiter that offers advanced monitoring and control over mechanical systems..

It uses balls as a detection mechanism and displaces a part when the limit torque is reached, detectable by means of an inductive sensor or microswitch.

Its key benefits include accurate monitoring, greater control and enhanced safety, contributing to the protection of critical equipment in a wide range of industrial applications.



What is a torque detector?


The torque detector is a device designed to monitor and control overloads in mechanical systems, ensuring their safety and performance.

Advanced overload monitoring

The Torque Detector is a variant of the LPB torque limiter of balls, designed to provide an additional level of monitoring and control over the operation of mechanical systems.

With its ability to detect overloads, the Torque Detector raises safety standards in a wide range of industrial applications.

Essential functioning

As with the standard the LPB torque limiter of balls, the Torque Detector uses balls as its torque sensing mechanism.

However, its design incorporates a unique feature: when the predefined limit torque is reached, instead of triggering a mechanical reaction, a part is displaced which can be easily detected by an inductive sensor or a microswitch.

Key Benefits:

  • Accurate monitoring: The Torque Detector provides accurate detection of overloads, enabling an immediate response to abnormal operating conditions.
  • Greater control: Through an inductive sensor or microswitch, the Torque Detector provides greater control over system operation, facilitating continuous monitoring and corrective action.
  • Improved security: By detecting overloads early and accurately, the Torque Detector contributes significantly to equipment safety and maintaining a safe working environment for operators.

Versatile applications

The torque detector is ideal for a variety of industrial applications where advanced overload monitoring is required.

From heavy machinery to transport and production systems, this device offers a reliable solution to protect critical equipment and ensure operational continuity.


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The torque detector can be used for different types of machinery such as:

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