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LPB torque limiter of balls

LPB torque limiter of balls

The LPB torque limiter of balls emerges as an ingenious solution to safeguard machines against damaging overloads.

Its ball-based operation as a torque sensor and its ability to efficiently reduce output torque in the event of overload make it a vital component in maintaining the integrity of mechanical systems.



What is a LPB torque limiter of balls?


The LPB torque limiter of balls is an essential component to safeguard mechanical systems against damaging overloads. When the load on the ball exceeds a predefined value, a reaction is initiated which preserves the mechanical equipment.

Operation and benefits

The LPB torque limiter of balls is an ingenious mechanism designed to absorb overloads on various machines.

This device uses balls as its torque sensing mechanism, acting as a safety guard, preventing possible damage caused by overloads in mechanical systems.

Components and operation

This type of torque limiter consists of several key elements: one ball, one bushing, one spring and one ball seat. The ball maintains constant contact with the inner surface of the sleeve. When the input torque is less than the set torque, the spring allows the ball to rotate in conjunction with the sleeve, keeping the output torque equal to the input torque.

Overload protection

When the input torque exceeds the predefined limit, the load exerted forces the ball to rotate relative to the sleeve, which increases the gap between the two. This reduces the friction between the ball and the bushing, thus decreasing the output torque quickly and safely. This process acts as a torque limiter, effectively protecting the equipment from damaging overloads.

Restoration of mechanical synchronism

Once the problem has been identified and resolved, the LPB Torque limiter of balls allows the restoration of mechanical synchronism. Normally, this synchronism covers an angle of 360 degrees. Other angles can be configured on request.


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The LPB torque limiter of balls can be used for different types of machinery such as:


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