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Torque limiter LPB

Torque limiter LPB

The LPB ball torque limiter is a mechanism designed to absorb work overloads in any type of machine.

As its name suggests, it uses balls as a mechanism to detect the torque produced.



How it uses balls housed in holes, the limiter has finite positions, ideal for maintaining synchronism between axes.

When the LPB limiter exceeds the regulated torque, the balls force a part to move axially, this movement can be used to detect the overtorque with a microswitch that stops all transmission by means of an electrical signal.


Once the problem is detected and solved, when starting the movement, the limiter allows us to recover the mechanical synchronism for which it is built, normally it is 360º, other configurations, on request.


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The LPB Ball Torque Limiter can be used for different types of machinery such as:


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