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Zero Backlash Pneumatic Brake – FNSJR

Zero Backlash Pneumatic Brake – FNSJR

Kickback can be a major concern in some systems where precise movement or clamping is required, for example in robotic, military or medical applications. Unlike many drive products where square / hexagonal drive shapes or grooves are used in the product, the FNSJR Radial Clearance Free Air Brake can be considered “torsionally stiff” with essentially almost no play.



The FNH pneumatic brake is a brake that can be used continuously. This product is characterized by having the air supply through a static chamber and by having great response sensitivity through the regulation of the air pressure.

The FNH air brake is indicated for tension control applications. It is a good product that can be used in industrial unwinding machines for paper, plastic, textile, graphic arts, etc. Since its main advantage is that it has a great capacity for heat dissipation. And it also has a very low weight.

Pneumatic brakes are a type of brake whose actuation is through a compressed air tank that is usually in any factory or industrial warehouse, it is used mainly in industrial machinery, in this mode the FNSJR Pneumatic Brake without radial clearance enters as a special unit pneumatic brake

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We can find some of its main features below:

  • Recoil free
  • Horizontal and vertical mounting

Special Units

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