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Industrial Safety Products: Brakes, clutches, clutch-brakes, torque limiters, couplings and accessories by EIDE”

In EIDE, we design and manufacture a range of essential products for industrial safety and machinery control. Our products include safety brakes, standard brakes, clutches, clutch-brakes and torque limiters, all designed to ensure the safe and efficient operation of machinery.

Safety Brakes

Our safety brakes are used in specific machinery to ensure that they are automatically applied in case of failure, thus avoiding possible accidents in the industrial environment.


The brakes are essential mechanisms responsible for stopping the rotational movement in any kinematic chain of a machine at will. We offer high quality brakes for various industrial applications.


The clutches are mechanisms that transmit the torque provided by a motor or geared motor to the movements of a machine as needed. Our clutches are reliable and precise.

Clutch-brake unit

Our unit of clutch-brake unit combines clutch and brake functions in a single self-supporting unit, simplifying machine control and improving safety in the working environment.

Torque Limiters

The torque limiter are crucial mechanical elements that protect machines, products and, most importantly, the people who work on them. These devices between the conductor and the driven element prevent the transmission of dangerous stresses, minimising the risk of breakages and accidents.


In addition to our core products, we manufacture a variety of accessories which are used to connect and operate clutches and brakes in an efficient way.

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In EIDE, our priority is the safety and efficiency in the industry. Our products are designed to the highest quality standards. and comply with the strictest safety regulations. Trust us to provide reliable solutions for your machine control needs.

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