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Our products

EIDE designs and manufactures different transmission elements:

Safety brake: is a brake that is applied to specific machinery and is designed to activate automatically in case of failure, thus avoiding causing an accident.

Brake: is the mechanism in charge of stopping the rotational movement of any kinematic chain of a machine at will.

Clutch: is the mechanism responsible for transmitting the torque provided by a motor or gear motor to the movements of a machine at will.

Clutch-brake: is a unit made up of a clutch and a brake assembled together, thus forming a self supporting unit.

Torque limiter: is a mechanical element that is inserted between the driving element and the driven element to be protected.
If a force greater than a previously determined value occurs, the limiter prevents said force from being transmitted to the driver, protecting the machine, the product or the people who work on it from breakage.

The accessories manufactured by EIDE are used to connect or actuate the clutches and brakes.

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