Spring brakes

Spring applied brakes

Safety and efficiency for commercial and industrial applications

Spring applied brakes are fundamental components in commercial and industrial applications, providing a reliable and safe solution for stopping and controlling the movement of machinery and equipment.

This article explores the features, benefits and various applications of spring applied brake in different industrial sectors, highlighting their importance in ensuring safe and efficient operations.

Characteristics and operation of spring applied brakes

Spring applied brakes operate by means of energy stored in compressed springs. When the brake is activated, the springs release the stored energy, applying a braking force to stop the movement of the equipment.

These brakes offer fast and accurate response, making them ideal for applications where an immediate stop is required. In addition, their robust and reliable design allows a long service life with minimal maintenance.

Among the most outstanding advantages of spring applied brakes are their ability to stop heavy loads quickly and safely, which significantly improves workplace safety.

In addition, their simple design and durable construction ensure reliable operation and low total cost of ownership. These features make spring brakes a preferred choice for a variety of industrial and commercial applications.

Applications of spring applied brakes

Spring applied brakes are used in a wide range of industrial applications, including cranes, forklifts, conveyors and heavy machinery. Their ability to quickly stop the movement of heavy objects makes them an ideal choice for environments where precision and safety are crucial.

In the commercial area, these kind of brakes are found on machinery used in manufacturing, construction and other applications. Their ability to control and stop the movement of equipment ensures a safer and more efficient operation in a variety of commercial processes.

Spring brakes are a reliable and effective solution for commercial and industrial applications, offering safety, precision and efficiency in a variety of working environments.

Suppliers and manufacturers

EIDE is one of the leading suppliers of spring brakes in the market. We offer PRECIMA brakes, which includes the FDB, FDW and FDX models. They adapt to different working conditions, providing customised solutions for various industrial and commercial applications.

PRECIMA spring applied brakes are known for their quality and reliability. The FDB electromagnetic spring brake is designed to provide a quick and precise stop, ideal for equipment that requires immediate stops. On the other hand, the FDW electromagnetic spring brake provides increased heat dissipation, making it the perfect choice for applications with high levels of continued work.

Finally, the FDX electromagnetic spring brake stands out for its versatility, adapting to varying working conditions.

The wide range of brakes offered by EIDE ensures that companies can find the most suitable spring brake to meet their specific needs. Whether for heavy industrial applications or lighter commercial environments, FDB, FDW and FDX brakes are reliable solutions that guarantee safe and efficient operations.

EIDE also offers the FNAM pneumatic spring brake as part of its line of industrial brakes. The FNAM is a highly effective choice for applications requiring precise and powerful braking control.

EIDE’s FNAM pneumatic spring applied brakes works by using compressed air to apply braking force. This pneumatic system offers fast response and a high level of control, making it an optimal solution for machinery and equipment that need precise and fast stops in their operation.

Braking torque (Nm)8,5 – 2202 – 15002 – 600125 – 1500
IP ClassIP54IP54 / IP55IP66IP 67

The FNAM stands out for its robust design and ability to withstand heavy loads, making it a reliable choice for demanding industrial applications. In addition, its high-quality construction ensures a long service life and minimal maintenance, which helps to reduce operating costs.

Efficiency and Safety Guaranteed

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Explore everything you need to know about spring applied brakes, electromagnetic brakes or pneumatic brakes in our specialised brakes section. Stay informed and choose the best option to optimise your industrial operations.

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