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Limiter for packaging machine

Limiter for packaging machine

In the packaging and packaging process, the use of LPC and LPB torque limiters in packaging machines is common.

The LPC torque limiter makes it possible to absorb the overloads that the movement transmission may register. That is why we talk about mechanical fuses. In addition, thanks to the use of helical springs in its construction, it is possible to regulate and absorb wear in the regulated torque that is part of the transmission in a totally sensitive way.

Like the LPC torque limiter, the LPB mechanical ball torque limiter is designed to absorb the overloads found in packaging machines. However, when the regulated torque is exceeded, one of the parts that forms part of it moves and the movement is detected through the installation of a microswitch, using this signal to stop the machine in general. Later, the torque limiter allows to recover the original mechanical synchronism of its construction.


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