Webinar organized by IPAF in which EIDE participates

This webinar explored the benefits of mast climbing work platforms for facade work over other options.

Also included is an update on the MCWP HSE Safety Alert issued earlier this year by the UK Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and an interpretation of the safety elements in the MCWP European regulation EN1495. 

Romina Vanzi hosted and presented the webinar and gave an overview of how IPAF supports the Mast Climbing Work Platform sector

Ángel Ibáñez covered the implications of the MCWP safety alert issued by the UK HSE and the current situation.

Agnès Llibre explored how different types of MCWPs overspeed devices work to safely control the descent of platforms.

Kevin O’Shea talked about the advantages of using MCWPs compared to other facade work systems.

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