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Toothed pneumatic clutches

Wide range of Pneumatic Toothed Clutches

EIDE offers a wide range of Pneumatic Toothed Clutches for applications where high torque is needed but the available space isn´t so big.

Thanks to the toothed discs coupling, there is no sliding between the two parts which ensures a high torque transmission in comparison to their size. It is very important to determine the size of the clutch with the adequate security factor.

Our Pneumatic Toothed Clutches can provide up to 3 times more torque than a friction clutch with the same outer diameter. Their advantages in markets such as robotics, automation, packaging, printing, or medical improvement are countless.

The connection must be made while still, or at a very slow speed. It can be disengaged at any speed.

Standard Products

Special Products

If you need some advice to install a Pneumatic Toothed Clutch in your application, please don´t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you.

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