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DBQ Centrifugal Safety Brakes

DBQ Centrifugal Safety Brakes

The DBQ centrifugal brake is a safety brake used to prevent uncontrolled falls from cranes, industrial elevators or any type of structure that lifts a load and which, in turn, has a parachute safety brake mounted.

Its main feature, and unlike the EC centrifugal brake, is that it can be quickly and easily disabled at will.


The purpose ofDBQ centrifugal brakes is to install a centrifugal brake and a safety device on the same elevator.

It works by action of centrifugal force, without additional external power, this makes it suitable for security applications.

The main feature of this centrifugal brake is that it can be disabled at will, in a quick and easy way. It is designed to be mounted between the motor and the reducer with standardized IEC B5 flanges and for speeds of 1500 rpm or 1800 rpm.

The main feature of this centrifugal brake is that it can be disabled at will, quickly and easily through a mechanism.

The centrifugal brake acts between 10% and 20% above the nominal speed and the safety brake between 30% and 50%, this would make it impossible to do the safety brake drop tests because of the centrifugal brake.

Mounting the DBQ centrifugal brake and the FPC safety brake on the same elevator ensures the maximum safety and at the same time the ability to test both without the need to disassemble any brake from the elevator.

The operation of the DBQ centrifugal brake is as follows:

Motor and brake rotate at higher nominal speed with the brake enabled. When for any reason the speed of rotation of the brake exceeds the nominal speed, the masses overcome the force of the springs and rub against the internal wall of the fixed drum, producing brake friction and avoiding uncontrolled descent of the elevator.

Motor and brake rotate at a speed higher than the nominal speed with the brake disabled. When a safety device test is desired, the centrifugal brake is disabled so that the masses do not exert braking force, thus the brake behaves as a passive element and allows the safety device to reach the tripping speed and stop the elevator.

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